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"Alert! Database server DB02 is not responding!"

Mission critical systems don't always fail during business hours, or even when you're close to email. It can happen when you're at dinner, on the golf course or anywhere else that email isn't going to reach you. If you need to be notified immediately when problems arise, nothing beats a text message to your cell phone. By integrating with SMS Gateway, you can dramatically increase the chances that you'll get the critical notification you need when you need it.

"Wait, wait, I don't have a pen!"

Sometimes you need to get vital information to your staff or clients such as a phone number, email address or driving instructions. They won't always have access to email in the car and may not even have a pen and paper handy - but they will have a cell phone. Make sure they have that valuable information at their finger tips by sending a text message through SMS Gateway, integrated with your existing contact manager.

"Your order # C-G8899 has shipped"

Gone are the days when we would place an order and patiently wait weeks for it to arrive. Now, the expectation is that it will arrive the next day, and if that is not going to happen, your client wants to know immediately. Shippers are just beginning to embrace notification by email. Now you can leapfrog your competitors and offer your customers the option of being instantly notified by text message. Integrate your order fulfillment solution with SMS Gateway to automate the entire process.

"You have an appointment with Dr. Smith tomorrow at 4:45pm"

Our lives seem to be getting busier all the time, so we appreciate every extra reminder we can get. Medical and dental applications can easily integrate with SMS Gateway to provide automated reminders days or even hours before an appointment. Your patients will appreciate having a reminder sent to them wherever they might be, and available for their later reference.

"This weekend only - up to 40% off in store" *

SMS Messaging remains a largely untapped goldmine of opt-in marking opportunities. Your loyal customers will appreciate being kept up to date on your latest sales and offers in a new and innovative way. Gain the edge on your competition by upgrading your CRM solution with a text messaging feature from SMS Gateway. * PLEASE NOTE:  SMS Gateway may only be used to communicate with customers who have previously given their express permission to receive SMS communications, and may not be used for sending unsolicited messages.

Revenue Opportunities: Up-to-the-minute info for paid subscribers: 

  • "Today's forecast: A high of about 60 degrees, with light rain in the afternoon....."
  • "Stock Price Alert: GTRT has dropped below $5.75 a share."
  • "Breaking News Alert: A three alarm fire is now raging in downtown..."
  • "Traffic Advisory: A car is blocking the right lane on the northbound 404..."
  • "You've been outbid on auction #445311"



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