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What Are Web Services?

Web services are a collection of related technologies which allow computer systems to communicate with each other over the Internet, even when they are on different platforms or created in different programming languages.

To get an idea of where web services are being used, imagine a computer in Florida which allows other computers to request the latest weather in the sunshine state, or a web site in New York which allows other systems to get up-to-date stock prices.

Usually, messages are sent and received in XML, which is a specification that any computer or software can understand. We package our XML messages in a format called SOAP.

Why does SMS Gateway use Web Services?

We have the necessary infrastructure to send SMS Messages, but you need a way to tell us what to send and to whom. Web services are the best way for you to send your request to us. It does not matter if your software runs on a Mac, PC, handheld or mainframe. It does not matter if you're running Windows, UNIX or something completely custom.  As long as you can formulate a web service request using SOAP or HTTP Get, then we will understand your request and will send your SMS message.

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